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Equal Opportunities







Distington Club Management Committee recognises that many people are disadvantaged as a result of their personal and/or social circumstances.


It is our intention to make our services to the widest possible range of people, and not to discriminate in employment matters, in our treatment of volunteers or in service delivery.


Service Provision


Distington Club for Young People Management Committee will not discriminate against any individuals or groups of people in the provision of their services.  Disadvantaged individuals and groups will b encouraged to participate in activities and benefit from services, and this will be reflected in our provision of information.  In Particular:


  • Publicity and promotion for events and services will be produced in a clear and easy to read format.  Contact telephone numbers should be given for further verbal information.  Consideration will be given to appropriate coverage of publicity.


  • Information and reports will be similarly clear.  In some cases, consideration can be given to producing texts on tape.


  • Venues for meeting and events will be accessible to all potential participants


  • Consideration will be given to both car parking (particular for people of different abilities) and to accessibility by public transport.


  • Evaluation forms for training sessions and events will be clear and easy to use, and will yield some information from simple tick-boxes.




Distington Club for Young People Management Committee will ensure that no job applicant or employee is disadvantaged by any conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable.  In particular:


  • Selection criteria and procedures will be transparent and accountable, and should ensure that individuals are selected, promoted and treated on the basis of their merits.




  • Staff selection will follow the procedures set by the Distington Club for Young People Management Committee.  A job description and person specification will be produced for any new appointments, agreed by Management Committee, and candidates will be assessed against these.


  • Employment practices should pay attention to the needs of employees, who will be given fair and appropriate treatment and access to training.  The Distington Club for Young People Management Committee has a commitment to the training and development of staff and volunteers.  Standard terms and conditions of employment are set out in each contract of employment.


  • Volunteers will be afforded similar levels of treatment as paid employees, particular with regard to supervision and access to training.


Management Committee


Committee composition should attempt to be representative of the local community.  Training will be available for all committee members to gain a greater awareness of the roles and responsibilities as committee members.




The Work of the Distington Youth Development Officers project will be reviewed quarterly by the employed staff and committee members, with a view to asserting its effectiveness and achieving equality of opportunity.  Progress will be assessed against feedback from each consortium group member representatives and from consultation with employed staff, current volunteers the general community and against standards set out in this policy.


The Distington Club for Young People Management Committee are committed to providing full equal opportunities as outlined within this document.